Teachers may submit the online Santa Clara Schools Foundation Grant Request Form which you will find below. We look for grant requests that encourage quality academic performance, give students hands-on experiences, and promote their interest in learning. All grant requests are reviewed by a grant committee to validate they comply with our standards. The process is thorough but not complicated or time-consuming, so we can respond quickly to worthwhile requests.

The Santa Clara Schools Foundation encourages grant requests from all schools within the District and a broad range of staff so that awards may be distributed as equitably as possible throughout the District. Grants must directly benefit students and have a clear educational component. Grants will not be made to teachers, parents or other individuals for attendance at seminars, conferences, continuing education activities or acting as chaperones. Grants will not be made for foreign travel. Grants will not be made to fund salaries, stipends or other forms of compensation to teachers or other individuals, such as substitute teachers, classroom aides, etc. Equipment and educational materials purchased with Foundation funds, such as computers, software, digital cameras, projectors and musical instruments are not property of the person requesting the grant. These items are the property of the School District and individuals purchasing such items with Foundation funds must account for them should they leave their current position. Grant checks will be made payable to the schools, not the teachers or other individuals who request the funds. Grant checks must be deposited within two weeks even though the funds may not be needed within that period of time. Grant recipients may be be requested to fully account for the expenditure of such funds.

Grant applications should be made 60 days in advance of the month of need, to assure timely consideration. Grant requests must meet the requirements stipulated on the online Santa Clara Schools Foundation Grant Request Form below and indicate the principal’s awareness of the request. Grant applications should include a description of efforts to obtain funding or support from other sources. Instructional materials requested should meet School District academic standards and not displace District-provided or District recommended materials. Grants for field trips and science camp will be awarded based upon need (for example, funding for students unable to afford the cost). Applicants requesting funding for technology (computers, software, digital cameras, digital projectors, etc.) should first determine if the request can be met through donations solicited from local companies by the School District or the individual school. In making grant decisions, the Board may consider the extent to which a school or individual staff member has previously received Foundation support.

For further information, please use our convenient Website Contact Form at the link above. Our phone number, fax number and mailing address also can be found at the bottom of each page in our Website.

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